Club Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in the District 115 Club Ambassador Program (CAP). The time frame for the 2019-20 District 115 CAP is from July 1st 2019 – May 31st 2020. The CAP encourages visits to other clubs in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience. It also recognizes the best practices reported across the district.


*That meets the CAP criteria

Who can become a Club Ambassador?


  • Any member in good standing, including Area and Division Directors.

What will you gain?


  • New ideas to bring back to and rejuvenate your home club.
  • Confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience.
  • The satisfaction of helping in a meeting function.
  • Experience of becoming a club coach, mentor or a club sponsor form the inside out.
  • Recognition of your adventurous spirit while building our district from the “inside out.”
  • New contacts and meaningful connections to promote your personal growth!

What will the visited club gain?


  • New ideas from the ambassador.
  • The ambassador may be interested in a “dual membership” in the visited club.
  • More knowledge and confidence for the existing club members.

What are the guidelines for the CAP Rewards Program?

  • Earn 1 point for each club visit within the Toastmasters year. (You may visit a club as many times as you wish; however, only 1 point will be awarded regardless of the number of visits.
  • Earn an additional point when you visit a CAP Featured Club of the Month. A list of CAP Featured Clubs will be published on every month.
  • An Area Director or Division Director can participate outside of their area or division only.
  • To earn credit for a club visit, Ambassadors must submit a report within 7 days of their visit.

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